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Here you will find some differences between an LLC and INC. In this way, you can determine which option is better for you.  


The annual document handling by a company is so simple, that is to say, it is not necessary to issue constant information and it allows greater flexibility. Another benefit of being an LLC is that the double taxation concept is not applied. The tax return is usually related to the members, therefore, you will get little economic savings. For tax purposes, an LLC can be classified as a Disregarded Entity, Partnership, C Corporation and S Corporation. We strongly recommend that you check the benefits offered by each modality with an expert.


In contrast to the LLC, the corporation allows you to get investors to continue with your projects since you can issue shares, which will allow you to sell a part of your business. It also provides you with greater benefits when submitting a tax return. It is important that the handling and structure of this have greater formality since you will have to assign a corporative group to handle and issue constant documents and decisions.


Both entities offer great benefits and the required professionalism. Not to mention that they can be perpetual when the corresponding monitoring and management are executed.

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